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This chart for Chemistry 30 Chapter 9 "Hydrocarbons From Petroleum", summarizes the role of hydrocarbons in modern socierty, and their structures, naming hydrocarbons, differentiating between aliphatics and aromatics, and the processes of chemical refining, physical refining, and complete & incomplete combustion reaction equations.  This chart includes the names of the 5 types of formulas (empirical molecular, expanded molecular, structural, condensed structural, and linear); & diagrams and examples of each.  This chart is made for the Nelson Chemistry 20-30 textbook, or the Pearson/Nelson Science 30 textbook.  This chart is a great addition to any high school student's portfolio, or to any teacher's curriculum, and is great for diploma exam prep.


What's Included:

1 x Chemistry 30 Chapter 9 Chart (PDF Download)

Chemistry 30 Chapter 9 Chart

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