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Feb 10, 2021


Hello, my name is Madison Feehan, and I am a 17 year old honour student on the cusp of graduating Grade 12 as a homeschooled student in Edmonton Alberta.  My family and I began my homeschooling journey six years ago when I started junior high.  In the public education system, I never felt like I was getting the hands on learning I needed.  I always went above and beyond in my school assignments, and I felt that I was overlooked in public school.  But when my family began homeschooling me, I was finally able to learn at my own (increased) pace, and I was able to explore my potential in every school subject. 


We went into homeschooling completely blind, and not knowing what to expect, and we were disappointed that there were not a lot of resources, or support from Alberta Education.  Homeschooling was virtually unrecognized; in fact, in many ways it still is.  My family and I navigated through the processes of homeschooling registration, filling out home education plans and parent summary's, looking for curriculum outcomes, finding video and worksheet resources, and learning the ins and outs of homeschooling, all while trying to make a change in the local government to recognize homeschooled students for their achievements.


​Today, homeschooling is becoming more recognized in Alberta due to many parents having to help their children work from home during the pandemic; but we still have a long way to go.  Homeschooled students should be allotted equal recognition as students in public school, and we should be given diploma's upon our graduation; at least, that's what I keep telling the Education Minister!  But as I continue to pave the way for homeschooling recognition, I am here to help out other families with kids who are homeschooled (both teacher and parent directed), and those who are considering homeschooling for the first time!

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Learn Resources For Homeschooling is a website that offers students, teachers and parents the resources they need to help their child do their schoolwork from home; and most of these resources can be used for public school students also.  I have listed all of the resources I have used in my homeschooling journey, some of which include resources for as young as kindergarten, stretching all the way to Grade 12, and how to prepare for post-secondary education as a homeschooled student.

I offer tutorials for registering for homeschooling and completing student progress reports, resources for every subject from grades K-12, links, credentials for Alberta Education's curriculum outlines, and an online store for students, parents, and teachers where I am selling my original charts, concept webs, and notes packages for high school students, to further aid in studying, and teaching; all tailored to the Alberta Education curriculum.  (For more information about purchasing from our online store, please visit the FAQ section).

Today, I am almost graduated high school, and I am preparing for university.  I can say personally that homeschooling has been the best decision of my life, and that I would do it all over again!  I was able to learn at my own pace, and tailor the curriculum to suit my learning style!  My Mom (as a homeschooled teacher) has helped me all along the way, and we have been able to do so many fun school activities that I would not have gotten the opportunity for if I had continued with public school.  Now, I am flourishing.  I have started this business, in addition to starting my own jewelry business, I am drafting my first novel, competing in international writing contests (and winning), and I have used the skills I have learned in my STEM courses towards my part-time work for NASA's NSPIRES program.  Homeschooling can open so many doors that you never knew existed, and I'm here to help families open those doors with more ease by providing useful information and resources for all aspects of learning from home!

I hope that all students who visit my website benefit from my resources. I have spent years collecting and refining what works best, and there has been a lot of trial and error with the web. Altogether, its been a wonderful learning process; and I hope that you students go far in your studies and surpass all of your goals, I know I will because of homeschooling.


~ Madison

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