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This Chemistry 20 Notes package (9 pages) offers all of the key calculations, concepts, chemical names, diagrams, conversion tables, and examples for all of the fundamental concepts learned in Chemistry 20.  This notes package is essential for any Chemistry 20 student or teacher and is great for 30 level and diploma exam prep.


These notes include:


- How to balance chemical equations


- Molecular Compound Structures


- Equations For Gaseous Matter (Including Boyles Law, Charles Law, Ideal Gas Law, Combined Gas Law)


- Calculations For Chemical Volume and Mass


- Acid and Base Equations


- Calculating Stoichiometric Equations (Gravimetric, Percent Yield, Solution and Gaseous Stoichiometries, and Stoichiometric Analysis)


- Chemical Analysis Equations (Stoichiometric, Gravimetric, Colorimetry, and Titration)


- An Alphabetized List Of Common Chemicals and Compounds


- Conversion Tables (Uncertain and Defined Quantities, and Mass Conversion)

Chemistry 20 Notes Package

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