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Extracurricular Programs For Homeschooled Kids (K-12)

Just because you are homeschooled doesn't mean that you can't also be socializing and learning new skills! There are endless amounts of extracurricular activities for students of all grades and ages.

Some of the most common extracurriculars include sports, music lessons, art classes, drama club, chess club, language learning, and coding/graphic design lessons. But the sky is absolutely the limit. Extracurricular activities give students the opportunity to connect & socialize with their peers (even if it's a virtual class), and at the same time, you're learning a skill that is empowering and an enjoyable hobby.

Check with your registered school and check Schoolzone regularly, as they often have updates on extracurricular activities that are being offered (sometimes for free) to students of specific grades (like coding classes, online theatre, creating comics, and career presentations days).

Personally, I've been in singing lessons, music lessons, dance lessons, jewelry making classes, and sports. Lots of these things can be easily practised at home, and bring creativity and variety to homeschooling; in fact, they may even inspire future career choices.

Here are some links to homeschooling extracurriculars that you can sign up for online:

Metro Continuing Education Programs K-9

Grades 1-4 reading and Writing Classes

Raz Kids Interactive Reading & Learning

Drawing & Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

Coding Classes For High School Students (Beginner To Advanced)

Online Art Classes For Grades 1-9

Homeschool Elective Extracurriculars For Grades 1-12 That Can Be Counted For Credits

Comic Life App Download For Windows & Mac

Bitmoji Download (To Add Characters To Comic Life)

Hobbies & Extracurriculars For Junior High and High School Students

Sweet Home 3D and Floorplanner App and SketchUp Downloads (For Interior Design)

Canva (A graphic design application that you can use for schoolwork, or for hobby designs)

Here's 101 New Hobbies & Extracurriculars To Get Involved In (Mostly Free)


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