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This notes package for Social Studies 30-1 Chapter 2 "To What Extent Are Individualism And Collectivism Foundations Of Ideology?" summarizes the traits of individualism and collectivism, and the ideologies that surround our identities including worldview, cooperation vs. competition, beliefs & values, personal identity, individual rights and freedoms, self-interest, self-reliance, understanding the characteristics of political ideologies (conservatism vs. liberalism vs. progressivism vs. communism, vs. socialism), and understanding the factors that shaped our society including the abolishment of aristocratic monarchies, the formation of a representative democracy, non-governmental organizations, and the far-left and far-right spectrums of political ideology including totalitarianism, hegemony, fascism, reactionary radicalism, adherence to collective norms, economic freedom, private vs. public property, collective interest, and the common good.  These charts are made for the Perspectives On Ideology 30-1 textbook © Oxford University press. These notes are a great addition to any high school student's portfolio, or to any teacher's curriculum, and is great for diploma exam prep.


What's Included:

1 x Social Studies 30-1 Chapter 2 Notes (PDF Download)


Social Studies 30-1 Chapter 2 Notes

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