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These charts for Physics 30 Chapter 13 "The Wave Model Of Light Explains Electromagnetic Radiation", provides a clear and concise summary of electromagnetic radiation, the difference between the wave model of light and the particle model of light, as well as explaining the speed of light, energy quantization, photons, the eight main tyes of electromagnetic radiation (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, x-rays, gamma radiation, and cosmic radiation), how they are produced, their characteristics and the risks of exposure.  This set of charts summarizes the history of electromagnetic radiation discovery, Maxwell's Laws, the Hertz Apparatus, the laws of electromagnetism, Roemer's & Huygen's theories, Fizeau's and Michaelson's speed of light apparatus, and calculations for wave equations, frequency and period.  These charts also cover the theory of converging and diverging mirrors and lenses, in addition to the rules for drawing and observing ray diagrams, rectilinear propagation, the Law of Reflection, real vs. virtual images, how to predict magnification, attitude, position and type of reflection, the Law of Refraction, image characteristics, equations for convex and concave mirrors and lenses, using sign conventions, indexes of refraction for common mediums, total internal reflection, Snell's Law, and measuring incident and reflected/refracted angles.  These charts also summarize the connection between colour and wavelength, the thin lens equation, constructive and destructive interference in light waves from a point source, as well as understanding diffraction gratings, and Poisson's bright spot, & much more.  These charts are made for the Pearson Physics 20-30 textbook, or the Pearson/Nelson Science 30 textbook.  These charts are a great addition to any high school student's portfolio, or to any teacher's curriculum, and is essential for diploma exam prep.


What's Included:

11 x Physics 30 Chapter 13 Charts (PDF Download)

Physics 30 Chapter 13 Charts

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