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These charts for Math 30-1 Trigonometry relates the fundamental concepts of the Pythagorean Theorem, common formulas (quadratics, calculating area, & factoring), and the functions oftrigonometry in relation to angles, triangles, and the unit circle.  This chart package includes over 30 charts including a degree to radian converter, finding the nth sum of a number, time & distance formulas, Geometry, Algebra & Conic formulas & visuals, an Algebra formula sheet, computing simple & compound interest, function relationship, double angle identities, Pythagorean identities, half-angle formulas, opposite angle formulas, addition formulas, co-function formulas, Law of Sines, Cosines, & Tangents, as well as calculating arc length, polar multiplication & division, power reducing formulas, and Mollwiede's formulas.  This charts package also cover the key concepts of the CAST rule, perimeter & area formulas for all shapes with examples, the ratios & laws of Trigonomety, probability & statistics, SOH CAH TOA, geometry formulas, and all calculation substitutions of the Pythagorean theorem.  This charts package is absolutely essential for any high school student, and is useful for teaching, study notes, & diploma exam prep.

Math 30-1 Trigonometry Charts

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