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What PC Programs Do I Need To Do My Schoolwork Online?

In this article, I will cover all of the essential programs and software that you will ABSOLUTELY need to homeschool all the way through to the end of high school! These resources and programs are how I created my proudest projects. These software programs can be used for most grades, and I have all of your middle school and high school necessities here! (*You will need a laptop with Wi-Fi access and a 10.10 macOS, or a Windows 7 or greater operating system.*)

You Need The Google Suites: (Youtube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Sheets, Google Sites, Gmail, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Jamboard, and Calendar)

EPSB issues all students a Google Account under the umbrella of the public school system (usually around Grade 1). This can be used in public school, and homeschooling, and the application gives you all of the necessary templates for writing up documents, reports, slideshows, posters, websites, infographics, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and you are given a school email where teachers contact you to keep you updated in your courses. There are a multitude of other things that can be used in Google suites, and it is absolutely essential to any student project, in any grade. Alternatively, you can use your own personal Google account for projects if your family already has an account. Just know that after you graduate Grade 12 (or if you choose to leave the public education system sooner for say, private school), your school Google account and all of your work will be terminated. So you've got to make sure that you download and transfer your files (either to another Google account, or download it on a USB stick).


These credentials are issued by EPSB for all parents and students (for students, it will usually be the same credentials as your Google account.) There are teacher updates, extracurricular activity notifications, a school events calendar, student achievements for Provincial Achievement Tests, Highest Level Of Achievement Tests, and Interim/Progress Reports.

Alberta MyPass (for high school students)

See My Resource Article For How To Set Up An Alberta MyPass Account


This website provides answers & examples for any Math, Chemistry or Physics problem.


This website provides answers & examples for any Math problem.

Khan Academy

Resources For All Grades and Subjects (Including Post-Secondary)

I Love PDF Merge, Split, Compress & Alter PDF Files Into One Or More Document(s) With Ease For Free Online

Texas Instruments (For Graphing Calculator Software)

Here's The Link To TI Nspire Computer Link Software (To Import/Export Calculator Files From Your PC)

Here's The Link To TI Connect CE Software (To Import/Export Ti84 Plus CE Files From Your PC) Ti84CalcWhiz Teaches You How To Use This Software (Link To His Channel Here)

Canva Is A Free Online Graphic Design Tool

Comic Life 3

Comic Life 3 Is A Free Software For Comic Designing (You Can Use Original Drawings, Bitmoji & Free Stock Images For Characters & Scenes)



MyBlueprint Is A Program Offered By EPSB That Sets Out A Student's Schedule (A Lot Of Teacher Directed Students Use This To Stay Organized On Assignments)

Algodoo 2

Algodoo Is A Rube Goldberg Designing Software That Allows Students To Create Mind-Boggling Projects For Free (Great For Junior High & High School Science)

Here's A Link To A Rube Goldberg Machine I Created On Algodoo

Bridge Designer 2016

Bridge Designer (2016) Is A Free Software For Windows & Mac To Design Bridges & Engineer Hydraulic & Vertical-Lift Bridges (Great For Junior High & High School Science; Also Beneficial For Engineering Studies)

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D Is A Free Home Design & Floorplan Software T hat You Can Use To Create 3D Models (Houses, Theatre Sets, Cars, Communities; The Sky Is The Limit)

Here Are Two Links To Projects I Created On Sweet Home 3D:

- My Aztec Village Documentary (For Grade 8 Social Studies)

- My 3D Simulation Of An Astronaut Settlement On Mars

(Grade 9 Science, Project Mars Competition In Association With The Science Art Exchange)

SketchUp 3D Warehouse

Sketchup Is A 3D Warehouse Of Free Downloadable Furniture & Accessories For Sweet Home 3D And A Multitude Of Other Home Design Softwares


Floorplanner Is Another Great 3D Home Design Software

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Provides Real 360 Degree Pictures Of Every Place On Earth (including Underwater), As Well As 360 Degree Images Of Our Solar System, The Moon, & Mars.


Create coded, animated live action videos for school projects for free.


Math Worksheets For Grades 1-10

EPSB/Moodle Account

Visit this website and use your school Google account credentials. There are resources for parent directed homeschooled students of all grades, and course outlines and resources for teacher directed homeschooled students. I have attached some of these resources in my website resources article.

Free Online Survey

This website allows students to create online quizzes, and polls for free, and email them around their community to gather results. Whether it's a Social Studies project on culture, or a Language Arts quiz for a novel excerpt.

Help Teaching

Learn Alberta (Universal username: LA13 and password: 9418)


Quizlet is free to use with no strings attached, but if you create a free account, you can access unlimited study notes, exams, and fun interactive flashcards & study note remembering games.


To See more resources, please visit my:

- Website Resources Article (Grades K-12)

- Video Resources Article (Grades K-12)


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