Website Resources For Every Subject (ALL GRADES)

In this article, I will cover all of the links and websites I used all throughout my homeschooling. This page has a ton of resources for elementary, junior high and high school! (Any & all links that can be used for any grade or subject is listed under each school division). To see resources for video tutorials for all grades & subjects, visit my: Video Resources Article

For Elementary (Grades K-6)

Sites That Offer Resources For All Subjects:

The KEY Workbooks For Student Learning (And Diploma Exam Prep) For Grades 3-12 For Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario Curriculums

HelpTeaching Offers Worksheets, Tests, Activities, Lessons, & Games for K-12 (All Subjects)

(create a free account for access to more activities, you can even create your own tests on this site)

Solaro Practise Tests, Study Guides & Workbooks Offer Comprehensive Understanding Of All The Core Subjects (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, & Science) For Grades 3-12.

The New Alberta Learning Website Has Worksheets, Lesson Plans, and Resources For Students Of All Grades and All Subjects (English & French)

Username: LA13 Password: 9418 Is A Learning/Multimedia Presentation Designing Site That Has Over 350 Million Resources For Students From Elementary To Post-Secondary In Every Subject And Every Grade (From A Language Arts Short Story To The Concepts Of The War Of 1812)

Scratch Lets You Create Free Presentations, Coding Skills, Animation, Games, & Graphics Software (This Is Useful For Students, Parents & Teachers Of All Grades & Subjects)

Provincially Authorized Senior High School Courses & Course Codes (Including K–12 Withdrawn Courses and Programs) | 2021 Alberta Education

Here's The Curricular Outcomes For Every Subject In Every Grade Right From Alberta Education (You'll Want This)

Time4Learning Offers Some Demo Videos For All Grades & Subjects

Parent-Child Resources For All Grades From Alberta Education

IXL Offers English Language Arts & Math Videos, Tutorials, & Practise Questions For K-12 (You Get An Allotted Daily Amount Of Videos & Questions For Free, But You Can Purchase A Subscription For Full Access)

3P Learning Offers Literacy & Mathematics Courses & Resources For Parents, Students & Teachers In Parent-Directed and Blended Programs In Canada Is A Wikipedia Subsidiary That Offers How To's On Anything You Could Possibly Imagine (They Have A Lot Of Science Experiments, How-To's For Math Formulas, And Worksheets & Activities To Do At How For Any Grade Or Subject) Offers Resources, Tests, And Courses For High School & Post-Secondary Students Offers Free Non-Copyrighted Stock Images, Illustration, Music & Videos

Quizlet Is The Best Website For Flashcards, Definitions, Tests, And Interactive Learning Games For All Core Subjects Of All Grades, All You Have To Do Is Search The Name Of Your Chapter (Create An Account For Full Access, It's Entirely Free) Provides Online Tests For All Subjects (K-12) Tailored To Your Province's Curriculum (Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Ontario)

Cartoonify Is A Fun, Free Website For Comic Making For Any Grade

Comic Life 3 Is A Free Software For Comic Designing (You Can Use Original Drawings, Bitmoji & Free Stock Images For Characters & Scenes) "The Wayback Machine" Is A Free, Non-Profit Digital Library That Holds Over 525 Billion Websites, Resources, Videos, Music, Websites, Books, Software, And More

Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks

Meta Chart Offers Free Chart Making Software (Venn Diagrams, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Scatter Plots, Line Graphs, Tally Charts, and Lots More)

Varsity Tutors Offers Free And Paid Online Tutoring For K-12, All The Way Into Post-Secondary Graduate School (Great Website For Those Interested In STEM Careers)

30 Virtual Field Trips With Links (All Ages) Including Live Cams At The San Diego Zoo, A Tour Of The Louvre Museum, a 360 Degree Simulation of Mars, and More

Visit For Some Useful Resources For Curricular Outcomes & How To's For Beginner Homeschoolers Of Any Grade

This Alberta Homeschoolers Website Posts Information For Parents On How To Homeschool, & Keeps A List Of Events, Extracurriculars, & Field Trips Available For Homeschooled Students

MyBlueprint Is A Program Offered By EPSB That Sets Out A Student's Schedule (A Lot Of Teacher Directed Students Use This To Stay Organized On Assignments)

Alberta Distance Learning Centre Offers Free Online Resources For Social Studies, Science, & Health For Grades 1-9

The Noun Project Also Offers Free Stock Images & Icons

Classroom Doodles Offers Free Fun Artistic Worksheets That Teach About The Concepts And Importance Of Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Reading, The Arts, Humanities, &

Phys-Ed For Students & Classrooms

A&D Tutoring Offers Paid Tutors To Teach K-12 & Post Secondary In A Variety Of Subjects

Google Earth Provides Real 360 Degree Pictures Of Every Place On Earth (including Underwater), As Well As 360 Degree Images Of Our Solar System, The Moon, & Mars.

This 3D Solar System Explorer From NASA Allows Students To Travel Throughout Space And Learn All About The Planets Of Our Solar System

NASA's Official Page Offers Daily Updates On Space Missions & Live Streams From Space

Osmos Is An Online Game That Explores The Function Of Matter Within A Cell & How Matter Affects Cell Composition Over Time. It's Ambient Graphics & Peaceful Mode Of Learning Brings Fun To Any Junior High & High School Science Class(Free To Download The First 6 Levels)

Canva Is A Free Online Graphic Design Tool

The Alberta Teachers Association Library Provides Teacher, Student & Parent Resources For All Subjects K-12

Google Advanced Search Helps You Narrow Down The School Topics That You're Researching

Free Online Surveys Allows You To Create Free Quizzes & Surveys With A Shareable Link For Others To Click & Participate In

Canadian Home Education Resources Provides Great Information For First Time Homeschooled Families And Resources For Veteran Homeschool Families K-12

Here's 101 Free Online Resources For Kids Learning At Home Because Of Covid

Homeschool Canada Provides The Government Homeschooling K-12 Curriculum For All Canadian Provinces and Territories In Addition To Some Great Resources

Here's Some Resources From Canadian Home Based Learning

Language Arts (ELA):

K12 Reader Offers Language Arts Worksheets, Spelling Tests, and more for Grades K-12

Raz-Kids Is A Super Fun Reading & Learning Website That Encourages Kids K-6 To Get Involved In Reading, And For Every Book Read, You Unlock Prizes & Can Decorate Your Own Virtual Space Ship Inside. (Ah, the memories.)

RhymeZone Is A Website Where You Enter A Word And It Shows You All Of The Rhymes and/or Near Rhymes, and Definitions Of That Word (Super Useful For Poetry Writing)

Edmonton Public Library (EPL) Offers Some Great Virtual and In-Person Resources For Free For All Grades (You Can Even Sign Up To Get A Free Library Card)

Here's A List Of Canadian Stories, Folktales, Fairy tales & Fables

Fluency Tutor For Google Helps Struggling Students Learn To Read

Storyline Online Offers Books For Elementary Students

Literary Devices Defines All Types Of Poetry, Prose & Verse, Shakespearian Writing, And Key Language Arts Mneumonics

550 Alternative Words For "Said"

English Language Arts, Grades 4 -12 : Authorized Novels And Nonfiction Annotated List | From Alberta Education

Study Moose Offers Free Essay Writing Help For Students Of All Grades

Vecteezy Is Another Free Stock Image Website For School Projects


Study Pug Offers Math & Chemistry Tutorials For All Grades, (Algebra, Precalculus, and Calculus) including AP, all the way to college level. (*You can get a free trial*)

Khan Academy Offers Amazing Free Video Tutorials & Online Tests & Lessons For Math Of All Grades, Chemistry & Physics

IXL Offers English Language Arts & Math Videos, Tutorials, & Practise Questions For K-12 (You Get An Allotted Daily Amount Of Videos & Questions For Free, But You Can Purchase A Subscription For Full Access) Offers Free Online Tutoring; & A Place To Ask Math Or Science Questions Directly To A Skilled Teacher

MathBits Notebook Is An Amazing, Free, Literal Online Math Notes Program For All Math Grades 6-12

Math Warehouse Has Worksheets, Online Tutorials, Coding Skills, Games, & A chart Making Program (All For Free) For Grades 4-12

Embarc Online Offers Free Math Modules For Grades K-8

Math-Aids Offers Free Math Worksheets For Elementary & Junior High

Social Studies: Has All Of Our Country's Resources For Their Operations, And Information For Essay Writing

This Youth Remembrance Day Contest From The Royal Canadian Legion Offers Annual Art & Writing Contests For Students Elementary To High School (Grand Prize Is A Trip To Ottawa, Post-Covid For A Remembrance Day Ceremony On Parliament Hill)


Rube Goldberg Inc is a Non-for-profit Educational Website and Supporter of Youth In STEM Programs. They Have Annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contests Where Students Can Send In Videos Of Their Over-the-top Science Creations For A Chance To Be Featured On Their Website. They Also Have Some Free Science Lesson Plans For Grades 3-12.

The Science Art Exchange Is A NASA Subsidiary Non-Profit Organization That Offers STEM Education, Contests For Kids & Youths & Adults (I Participated In The Project Mars Competition (and was disqualified for being too young) and I Participated In The Humans In Space Youth Art Competition (where I placed 2nd in the world "honourable mention" under the Youth Poetry Section) Offers Free Tutoring, And Science Projects For Students Grades 1-12

These Science Experiments Can Be Done At Home And Benefit Elementary & Junior High Science Studies

If The Moon Were Only 1 Pixel Is A Phenomenal Interactive Website That Takes You Through The Entire Solar System To Scale. This Is Spectacular!

Here's Some More Interactive Simulations From Josh Worth

This Amazing 24/7 Simulation Of Earth's Global Weather, Wind & Oceanic Current Pattern Is A Great Resource For Any Science Class

Future Timeline Is An Interactive Simulation Of Predictions Of What Earth Will Look Like Over The Next 300 Years



The Google Arts & Culture Project Offers Interactive Lessons, Videos, and Tours Of Famous Museums & Their Prized Art Pieces

Doodle Art Alley Offers Free Colouring Pages, eBooks, And Activities For Students



Alan Chan Piano Tutorials (For Bastien Piano Basics Books)