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Graduating Grade 12 As A Homeschooled Kid

Many people fear that homeschooling strips a kid of their social interactions. This could not be further from the truth. Kids still maintain their friendships, and have social interaction through extracurriculars, family life, and graduate as independent thinkers that will propel our society into a future of better learners and more successful problem solvers.

Graduating Grade 12 is a big deal to any student. It's a moment of freedom that gives you the option of choosing what you do next in life. Whether that's enrolling in college, university, trade school, internships, getting a job, or simply taking some time off; you are faced with many options for what your future may bring. This however, doesn't mean that your graduation cannot be equally as special as a ceremony at a public school. So here's some ideas for Grade 12 graduation as a homeschooled student, where to get grad gowns, how to write your own certificate of achievement, and what you will need to apply to university.

The Following Articles May Help You Prepare For Graduation:

Even if you don't graduate with a diploma, there's no reason why you can't design your own template just to hang on your wall. Keep in mind that your Home Education Plans and Parent Summaries, and GPA are the equivalent of a diploma when it comes to homeschooling.

To order your cap and gown online, you can visit and customize your graduation look. It's super affordable, and I recommend just emailing or calling them when placing an order because their online checkout can sometimes glitch (especially near graduation time).

After you graduate, and you're looking to apply to college, university, or work training, you will need to have an Alberta MyPass account (which I explain how to set up in this article) for the application process. You will use the information in this account to apply to post-secondary using the Apply Alberta website. Make sure you look into the admissions requirements for your given course ahead of time so that your application process is easy and less stressful.

Good luck students, here's to much more success in your futures! 🥳

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